Turf Trust Brand Broadleaf Weed Control w/ Gallery (0-0-7) 20lb

Turf Trust  Brand Broadleaf Weed Control w/ Gallery  (0-0-7) 20lb
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Product Description

One application controls 95 broadleaf species for up to 8 months. 4.35 M coverage twice as much as other brands! 0-0-7 with micro nutrients, enhances turf.

Dont let broadleaf weeds detract from the beauty of your lawn. Instead of having to repeatedly mix and spray liquid weed killers, now you can stop over 95 varieties of broadleaf weed for up to 8 months, before weeds break the soil surface. Applied according to the label instructions, 1 application provides long term preemergent control of pesky weeds like dandelion, chickweed, clover, spurge and over 90 more. The active ingredient stays in root zone, disrupting stem and root development to prevent germination, keeping weeds out of your lawn without impacting surface or groundwater. The sulfate of potash carrier provides soil enhancements and a uniform broadcast rate for excellent coverage. Our 20 lb. bag treats 4,350 square feet, twice as much as other brands.