Tupersan 4.6% Crabgrass Control 20lb Shipped FREE

Tupersan 4.6% Crabgrass Control 20lb Shipped FREE
Item# tupersan-46-crabgrass-control-4620

Product Description

Coverage: 5,000 SQ. FT. (Established Lawns) 10,000 SQ. FT. (New Seeding) Lebanon Crabgrass Control Contains 4.6% Tupersan Kills Crabgrass Before It Emerges

This is a cragrass control product that does not contain fertilizer. Use to control crabgrass when seeding turf area in the spring and summer. Can be safely used on established turf areas where reseeding of bare spots or turf renovation is necessary. Prevents seedings of foxtail and barnyard grass from emerging. An effective and safe crabgrass control that permits grass seeding at the same time. - most products require at least 60 days after application for reseeding. This is not effective on established plants, but will control crabgrass in the two-leaf stage. Safe to use on trees, shrubs, flower and vegetable gardens. It will not thin fescues in established turf areas. A convenient granular formulation that eliminates the drudgery of sprays. A time-proven and effective crabgrass herbicide.