Rapitest 1815 Mini ph meter

Rapitest 1815 Mini ph meter
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Product Description

Includes: Mini pH Tester, complete instructions for testing pH, a chart with the pH needs for over 50 plants, and instructions to adjust the pH level of your soil. No batteries required.

The Rapitest Mini pH Tester is designed for simplicity of use with accurate results. It is an economical way to test for acidity levels in the soil.

Why Should You Test pH? One of the key measures of the suitability of a given soil is its pH, or acidity level. The pH level determines which plants will thrive in a given soil and which may struggle. Mainly, it affects how effectively a plant can access available nutrients. For example, many plants growing in a soil with a high pH level (an alkaline soil) will have difficulty taking up available Iron and Manganese. This can cause yellowing of the leaves and general underperformance of the plant. Knowing the correct pH level for your plants will help you get better results from your gardening efforts.

How Does Rapitest Mini pH Tester Work? 1. Push the meter vertically into the moistened soil to a depth of 4-5 inches. 2. Twist the meter between your fingers several times to ensure that wet soil is well distributed over the surface of the probe. Wait for 60 seconds to acclimatise the probe and note the reading.