Plant Trust

Plant Trust
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Product Description

Plant Trust Tree and Shrub Fertilizer 15.6 lb

Applied to trees and shrubs in the fall when leaves have begun to drop, the fertilizer releases its nutrients over a 3 to 4 month period.

Directions for Use:

Scatter the granules over the soil one foot inside the drip line to the first 5 feet beyond the tree's outer branches. Autumn rainfall and occasional watering will leach primary and seconday nutrients into the soil so that they are absorbed by tree roots before the root zone freezes. The energy for next year's growth is stored in the tree trunk and roots. When sap rises in late winter, the product helps to open all leaf and flower buds while triggering substantial foliage growth over the Spring and Summer.

Application Rate:

Apply Plant Trust Tree and Shrub Fertilizer at a rate of 2 oz. per foot of tree or shrub height.