Natural Industries Vacation

Natural Industries  Vacation
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Product Description

All Natural Anti-Drought Plant Treatment Description:

Plants survive without watering for up to 2 weeks with Vacation.

Vacation is a soil drench anti-transpirant. When applied Vacation causes the plant to self-induce a state of temporary drought resistance. Vacation conditions the plant to close its stomata thus preventing water loss through transpiration. After being treated with Vacation, plants will be drought resistant for up to two weeks or until normal watering is resumed.

Vacation is a non-toxic sugar alcohol based plant extract. It is completely safe for pets and people. Vacation can be applied to all ornamental, vegetable and herb crops. It is biodegradable and contains no toxic compounds or petrochimical derivatives.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor plants—-and Christmas Trees!

8 ounce concentrate treats up to 128 6” potted plants.