Luster Leaf Rapitest Digital 3-way Analyzer 1835

Luster Leaf  Rapitest  Digital 3-way Analyzer 1835
Item# luster-leaf--rapitest--digital-3way-analyzer31835

Product Description

Optimize your growing with this great garden tool that identifies soil pH, the combined levels of 3 primary macro-nutrients and soil temperature with the push of a button. It's easy to switch between testing modes, each test takes approximately 60 seconds. You can obtain complete soil fertility, temperature and pH information in a short period of time.

Use the data to develop your soil improvement plan for each planting season. Detailed instructions for use are included. The instructions also contain information that will help you manage pH and soil fertility issues.

Suggested Use:

Easily switch between testing modes.

For temperature readings, simply place into top 2-3" of soil and take reading in 60 seconds. For pH, remove top 2" of soil and prepare 5" under for testing by removing debris and adding water. Place probe into soil, wait 60 seconds and take two readings.