Ferti-Lome Natural Guard Natural Guard Grub Preventer

Ferti-Lome Natural Guard Natural Guard Grub Preventer
Item# fertilome-natural-guard-natural-guard-grub-preventer
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Product Description

Grub Control (17 lbs) Grubs Are Controlled Within Days.

Use On All Types of Turfgrass Mimics the action of a natural insect hormone that induces the molting and metamorphosis process in insects.

Is highly active against grubs and lepidopterous larvae listed as target pests. Controls listed larvae through a novel mode-of-action that starts within hours of ingestion. Actual death of larvae may take several days to occur.

Can be used to control White Grub Larvae such as: Annual Bluegrass Weevil Larvae, Aphodius Beetle, Billbugs, Black Turfgrass Ataenuis, European Chafer, Green June Beetle, Japanese Beetle, May/June Beetle, Northern Masked Chafer, Oriental Beetle, Southern Masked Chafer. Also controls larvae of Armyworms, Cutworms, Fall Armyworms, & Sod Webworms.

Apply in Late Spring to Mid-Summer for Season-Long Control.

Covers 5,000 Square Feet.

Use as Preventative or Early Treatment Against Young Active Larvae.

Always Follow Label Instructions.