Bonide Stump-out 1 lb

Bonide Stump-out 1 lb
Item# bonide-stumpout-1-l1

Product Description

Green, freshly cut stumps should be seasoned; small stumps at least one year, large stumps at least 18 months.

Directions For Use: Drill 1-inch holes straight down from top of stump to depth of about 10 inches. Then into the side of the stump, about 4 to 5 inches down from the top, drill a 1-inch wide hole slanting downward toward the bottom of each vertical hole. The two hole ends should meet. It is important to drill the side holes slanting downward so the liquid to be poured into the holes won't run out. Also when the drill holes meet, a natural ventilation is created to destroy the stump when ignited. After holes are drilled as directed, follow this procedure: 1. Pour 4-6 oz. Stump-Out into each hole. 2. Fill holes with water. 3. Let stand for 4-6 weeks. 4. After 4-6 weeks, fill with kerosene or fuel oil. 5. Let stand until kerosene or fuel oil is completely absorbed into stump - 4-5 weeks, depending on size of stump. 6. Next pour enough kerosene onto the stump to ignite it. 7. The stump will now burn with a smoldering red glow clear down to the roots, until only harmless ashes are left.