Terra Verde Spiked Aerator Shoes

Terra Verde Spiked Aerator Shoes
Item# bond-9215-green-giant-spiked-aerator-s9215
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Product Description

Sturdy plastic base with woven plastic straps Twelve 2-inch spikes with bolts Easy-to-assemble instructions included Instructions included New pre-assembled packaging design Product Description Deluxe Velcro straps hold these light weight aerators to your feet! Each step presses a dozen 2In. Metal spikes into hard-packed soil and densely packed grass. Thousands of air holes to create water, fertilizer and water directly into your lawn. Rugged green plastic, 3/8in 11th time. Strap easily onto any adult size foot. Ideal for use when cutting grass or raking leaves! Ventilation Type: shoes, spikes (quantity): 12, Spike length (mm): 2, Spike Penetration Depth (inches): 2, Total width (cm): 11 8,3 Long