Hyponex Brass Siphon Mixer

Hyponex Brass Siphon Mixer
Item# hyponex-brass-siphon-mixer

Product Description

The Brass Siphon Mixer(BSM) accurately mixes liquid fertilizer. It works like this:

1.Attach the siphon mixer fixture (with rubber tube) to your outside faucet.

2.Then attach your garden hose to it.

3.Place the rubber hose in a container holding your fertilizer mix.

4.The fertilizer mix is then siphoned up through the rubber tube and into the garden hose.

You will not believe how much time this saves! No more measuring and mixing needed. The fertilizer is dispensed evenly. The ratio of the siphon mixer is 16 to 1.

BSM attaches to ordinary outdoor spigot and garden hose. Easy and inexpensive - Liquid fertilizing made easy! The Brass Siphon Mixer is an efficient, time-saving, must-have device for your green house, home garden, and lawn. Has backflow preventer, so no need to worry about that.