Homigo Hydrangea in 8 inch pot

Homigo Hydrangea in 8 inch pot
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Product Description

Hovaria® 'Homigo' is the second variety in the series of colour changing Hydrangeas. No two days of colour will be the same with this plant. Characterized by its sturdy stems, the Hovaria® 'Homigo' is an abundantly flowering garden plant with strong crenated flowers whose colour ranges from pink to bright blue, depending on the acidity of the soil. In acid soil there will be all sorts of violet-blue shades in every inflorescence. By evening a fluorescent blue colour can be seen. The nearly magical wealth of flowers of this registered variety and the fascinating beautiful changes of colour from blue to lime green to claret coloured flowers outshine many other ones. Futhermore the Hovaria® 'Homigo', just like the Hovaria® 'Hopaline', has superior bud development potential which, if the plant is well cared for, will insure there will be almost no year without flowers.

Planted outside, the Homigo blooms will remain nicely blue in acid soil but in limy soil they can grow pink in following years. With a pink initial colour there will be the possibility of change of colour through lime green into claret red too. If you wish to avoid the initial pink colour, you can use alum. For an explanation, please read themore extensive information about “Colouring blue”. As a source of cut flowers and dried flowers, Hovaria® 'Homigo' has possibly become the most valuable variety because of its heavy flower production and the nice green and red colouring of flowers. Many groundshoots will bud and flower later in the season. Click for more extensive information about "drying flowers".

The Hovaria® 'Homigo' needs a lot of light, especially when used as an indoor plant. In order to change flower colour the plant needs much energy and therefore much light, but be careful; direct full sun can make the flowers wilt and even burn!

Most suitable position Indoors: Set in a window, with bright light but not direct sun. Ideal temperature 15-20° C, away from draughts. Outdoors: Situate where it will receive morning and/or evening sun but where it will also be protected from full midday sun, perhaps by a wall, shed or under an overhang.