Clear Choice Weed Killer 1 Gallon

Clear Choice Weed Killer  1 Gallon
Item# clear-choice-weed-killer--1-gallo1

Product Description

Clear Choice Weed Killer is an eco-friendly alternative for controlling weeds. Clear Choice kills weeds with a patent-pending formulation that improves the penetration of the active ingredients into the weeds. This lawn-friendly weed control begins with a unique microtechnology manufacturing process, so less active ingredients are needed to kill weeds. Clear Choice Weed Killer kills more than 60 different types of weeds right down to the root, including dandelions, plantains, oxalis, spurge, kudzu, poison ivy, chickweed, mustards, field bindweed, pigweed and many more. Clear Choice is a selective herbicide, so it kills only weeds—not your lawn. (A non-selective herbicide kills everything – weeds, grass and basically everything green.) The one gallon Clear Choice bottle has a remote spray head that makes spraying easy and accurate. Just shake well, apply Clear Choice to weeds, and let it dry.