Aqualight Coralife Power Center Dual Day Night Timer

Aqualight  Coralife  Power Center Dual Day Night Timer
Item# aqualight--coralife--power-center-dual-day-night-timer

Product Description

Controls 3 sets of lights.

Dual Day-Night Timers Alternating Timer 2-Actinic Outlets 2-Lunar Light Outlets Day-Shift Timer 3-10,000K Daylight Outlets Constant Power 1-Outlet

Multiple Timer Settings 24 Hour Mechanical Timer 15 Minute Interval Setting

Optional Wavemaker Application Creates Natural Rythmic Waves Great for switching water pumps to create alternating water currents

Up to 1875 Watts - 15 Amps

Dimensions: 16" x 4.25" x 1.75"

Day-Night Timer: The Power Center is a day-night dual timer device that provides complete 24-hour lighting cycles from dawn, noon, dusk and nighttime.

Wavemaker Application: The Power Center can control two sets of water pumps using the alternating timer (total of four outlets) at 15 minute intervals (min.) or more to create a wave-maker application. The two sets of outlets interchange between each other based on the timer setting. This wave-maker application creates a natural rhythm in your aquarium that replicates ocean tidal movements.